How lovely would it be to be nothing but bones

I know what it's like to wake up and wish you hadn't... I'm in love with my bestfriend <3
Dani, 16, Depressed, self-harm, anxiety, psychosis, anorexia. Recovered. **TRIGGER WARNING** I DO NOT PROMOTE SELF DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS OR EATING DISORDERS*

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Don’t know my weight, mom got rid of the scale because I was weighing myself literally every five minutes…. But anyway,
Had a psychotic episode today…I was around all my friends and I wasn’t alone but I was fully convinced I was alone. I heard someone telling me to kill myself. I also for some reason believe my friend had actually died and that he was gone forever. That’s I’d never see him again and I cried and cried over that.. I don’t remember much of what all happened but I do know I just went fucking crazy… So yeah. Hope everyone else is doing well :)

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